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No sympathy for Justice Karnan, experts say he deserved it

New Delhi, May 9 (PTI) Controversial Calcutta High Court judge C S Karnan today failed to get any sympathy or support after the Supreme Court sentenced him to six months jail for contempt, with legal luminaries saying the errant judge was not in a correct frame of mind and "deserved" it.

The experts also said such a "bold" action by the apex court would "send a good message" to the society.

Justice Karnan is "not in the correct mind frame" and "he deserved the punishment for his conduct," was how former Chief Justice of India V N Khare reacted when PTI sought his views on the unprecedented apex court order.

Similar was the opinion of retired Delhi High Court judge S N Dhingra on the apex court order holding the sitting High Court judge guilty of contempt.

He said "Justice Karnan did not leave any other option with the Supreme Court, which did the right thing. This will send a good message to the society."

Noted jurist and former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee also agreed with the views of retired judges and expressed his anguish over the conduct of Justice Karnan saying it was "disgusting that he played the Dalit card."

Justice Khare, in a blunt reaction, said "Justice Karnan deserved the punishment. He is not in the correct mind frame."

"Even Madras High Court judges said his behaviour was not correct. He had no authority or sanction to pass an order against the Chief Justice and judges of the Supreme Court," he said about the judge who was transferred from Madras High Court to Calcutta High Court due to his conduct.

Sharing the opinion, Justice Dhingra said the controversial judge engaged in "mud-slinging" and thought he could get away easily by saying anything, just because he belonged to the Scheduled Caste community.

"It was a bold step by the Supreme Court. Justice Karnan thinks he can say or do anything and can get away with it just because he is a Scheduled Caste. One cannot engage in mud- slinging like this. Whatever has happened is very unfortunate.

Unfortunately, in India, people, including parliamentarians, do such a thing.

"Justice Karnan did not leave any other option with the Supreme Court, which did the right thing. This will send a good message," the reitred high court judge said.

Sorabjee, while terming the whole episode as "painful", said, "I hope some sense would dawn upon him (Karnan).

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