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BRICS Summit: PM Modi gives blueprint for next decade, leaders condemn terrorism

Xiamen [China] : Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a futuristic forward-looking transformational 'blueprint' for BRICS for the next decade, Preeti Saran, Secretary (East), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), on Monday said, in the backdrop of the ninth BRICS Summit.

Addressing the media in Xiamen, Preeti Saran said that BRICS countries have accepted the Xiamen Declaration.

Talking about one of the most important issues, terrorism, which India has always emphasised upon, Saran said that all leaders condemned terrorism in all its form and manifestations and have also been able to identify and acknowledge the pernicious deleterious effects that certain terrorist organisations such as the Haqqani network, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and other terrorist organisations that have had in spreading terror across.

"The BRICS leaders also called to make the UN counter-terrorism framework more effective and called for a greater efficiency in the designation of terrorists and for dismantling terrorist bases," said Saran.

Saran also said that the BRICS leaders called for a comprehensive approach to fight against terrorism and in countering terrorism, and added, "They did refer to radicalisation, recruitment movement of terrorists blocking terrorist financing, money laundering, supply of weapons and drugs, and countering misuse of interest."

Taking a strong stance on terrorism, Saran said that one cannot have double standards in tacking this scourge; there aren't any good or bad terrorists.

"The members of BRICS have been victim themselves and have said that they will work collectively," she added.

Saran said that Prime Minister Modi talked about taking "collective action" by the leaders in reforming global governance, where he said that when the United Nations celebrated its 70th anniversary, India had missed an opportunity, but are hoping that when the United Nations celebrates its 75th anniversary, "we would be available to achieve the reform in the global governance."

"BRICS have gained credibility, wheeled in influence and spurred growth and now in the next decade it is crucial that in the environment we seek stability, sustainable development and prosperity. The BRICS leadership will be crucial, in driving this transformation," Saran quoted Prime Minister Modi's speech from restricted session with the BRICS leaders.

"Another point that Prime Minister Modi focussed on was the reform of the Security Council and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which has remained as an unfinished agenda," Saran said, while addressing the media.

Preeti Saran further said that Prime Minister Modi also felt that BRICS should really be reshaping the global economic agenda whether it's in the multi-lateral trading system or whether it's in any other context.

"There was an intervention made by Prime Minister on countering terrorism where he suggested a joint action strategy for it. He also mentioned money laundering, terrorist financing, cyber space as well as proposing an initiative for the BRICS on countering radicalisation. And in that context, he offered to host an international conference on deradicalisation," Saran said.

Mentioning the Plenary Session, Saran said that issues like the global economic situation, international economic governance, international and regional hot-spot issues as well as the national security and development were discussed by the leaders.

"The Prime Minister shared thoughts with the BRICS leaders in deepening the BRICS partnership and mentioned the New Development Bank (NDB) could finance projects relating to the international solar alliance," Saran said.

Saran, talking about Prime Minister's Modi initiatives, said that another point the Prime Minister made was that India should accelerate BRICS cooperation on smart cities, urbanisation and disaster management.

"Prime Minister Modi also dwelled upon the BRICS partnership on technology and digital resources, as well as collaborated BRICS project in this regard," said Preeti Saran.

Saran added that there was also a reference to swift and effective implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions and terrorism and to make the implementations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards of terrorism and called to prevent financing of terrorists network and terrorists action from their territory.

Saran also said that other important issues and other negotiations also took place.

"We have negotiated with other BRICS member-countries on issues such as the need for predictability and accessing technology and financing for expansion of civil nuclear energy capacity," she added.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Raveesh Kumar added that there were some discussions of situation in Afghanistan, and added, "But I would not dwell much on the topic."

Talking about Prime Minister Modi's meeting with Russian President Vladmir Putin, Kumar said that meeting with Putin, touched several aspects of bilateral relationship.

"Discussion on corporation in the oil and natural gas sector, trade and investment, and how the two countries should work together to work on trade and investment, took place," MEA Spokesperson Kumar said.

He also said that the two leaders also discussed cultural exchanges, tourism and student exchange.

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