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Weinstein 'blacklisted' women who rejected his sexual advances: Mira Sorvino

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 9 (ANI): Oscar-winning American actress Mira Sorvino, known for her performance as a hooker in Woody Allen's 'Mighty Aphrodite,' has recently revealed that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein "blacklisted" women who rejected his sexual advances.

The 50-year-old actor, who penned a column in The Hollywood Reporter, alleged that Weinstein sabotaged her career because of it.

"People say there are lists out there that Harvey had a blacklist not only of people he was allegedly investigating but also of people who weren't supposed to be hired sent to casting people and agencies," Sorvino wrote.

"I know women with whom I've talked since who felt that their careers were derailed. I've heard stories about calls being made to their agencies saying that they were drug addicts when they didn't touch drugs," Mighty Aphroditeadded.

Sorvino, who was starred in 'Mighty Aphrodite' under Weinstein's Miramax production company, believes her relationship with director Quentin Tarantino helped shield her from both Weinstein's advances and his wrath.

The actress further wrote that if she had accepted Harvey's advances, then she would have continued to make movies with them.

"I was not offered any movie roles past 1996 . once Quentin and I broke up, that was it," she stated.

In October, the actress revealed that in 1995, the 65-year-old tried to give her a massage and "chased her around" a hotel room.

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