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Baloch activists to hold protests against Pak's nukes testing

London [United Kingdom], May 20 :
Members of Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) will organise worldwide protests against testing of Pakistan's nuclear weapons in Balochistan's Chaghai district on May 28, 2018.

According to FBM official statement, protest rallies will be held in the United States' Washington DC, Germany's Hannover city, United Kingdom's capital London, Vancouver in Canada, Austria's capital Vienna and The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

The aim of these demonstrations is to highlight the dangers of Pakistan's nuclear weapons to Balochistan and the world.

The FBM has invited all human rights activists, anti-nuclear weapons groups and journalist to join its protests around the world.

The Baloch social media activists will also run a Twitter campaign on May 28 with hashtag #NoToPakistaniNukes.

Twenty years ago, Pakistan tested its nuclear weapons in Balochistan's Chaghai hills on May 28, 1998, contaminating the Baloch land forever. The local population has been suffering from mysterious illnesses, according to the FBM.

The reasons for the breakout of diseases and droughts in the region are unknown since no independent investigation was conducted.

FBM leader, Hyrbyair Marri was the youngest and first Minister of Balochistan Assembly to oppose Pakistan's government decision to test its nuclear weapons in Balochistan.

About 10 days before the nuclear tests on May 17, 1998, Mr. Marri expressed his concerns saying, there will be a hazardous result of the radiations of the nuclear blasts which will be an invitation of death for our next generations. This, he said, will be an easy way of getting rid of the Baloch people.

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