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Deadpool, Cable to travel time together

Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], May 13 :
Marvel superheroes Deadpool and Cable will be once again teaming up for a comic, based on the concept of time-travel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latter will guide the loudmouthed superhero through a time-travel in the quest of a missing woman.

The character of Cable will be introduced to the new hordes of fans with the latest outing of Marvel, 'Deadpool 2', scheduled to hit the theatres on May 16.

Cable, the badass time-travelling warrior, first appeared in the Marvel universe in the comic 'Uncanny X-Men' in 1986, as an infant. The character is believed to have been transported to the future, before returning to the present as a skilled fighter.

The issue will be written by David F. Walker of 'Luke Cage' fame with the accompanying art designed by Paco Diaz.

The annual comic is set to release in August.

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