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Uma Shankar Paliwal joins Enterslice Board

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 11 : All signs are pointing toward the fact that India-based fintech, virtual CFO, and startup services company Enterslice is moving from quick success to quick success.

The latest to come from this area, fresh off the India-based firm announcing they have spread into a number of new regional markets, is the company celebrating they have added the industry-esteemed Uma Shankar Paliwal, who has over 34 years of experience in the financial industry, to their Enterslice board.

It is firmly believed this is an all-around win-win, where Enterslice, Paliwal, and clients of the firm will all benefit greatly.

"We're delighted to welcome Uma Shankar Paliwal to our board of directors," said Narendra Kumar, director of Enterslice.

"That a man of his experience and expertise chose Enterslice is humbling, and a testament to our team's success in fintech consultancy. We're very much looking forward to working with Paliwal more closely," Kumar added.

"This is just the latest in the strong of good news being heard from Enterslice. As we expand our operations and add such skilled and experienced people like Paliwal, the sky is the only limit for our firm as we give our all to exceed client expectations." said Bittu Kumar, CEO of Enterslice.
According to Enterslice and Pailwal, his resume is quite stunning.

Some highlights of this experience include Uma Shankar Paliwal serving as the chief general manager of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Mumbai and as the principal chief general manager in Human Resources at Reserve Bank of India.
Paliwal served as a director of Dena Bank from March 31, 2005, to February 26, 2007, acted as a director of Corporation Bank from April 25, 2012, to June 10, 2014.
He has also served as an executive director of Reserve Bank of India from April 2014 to December 31, 2016.
He has been independent director at Paul Merchants Limited since May 29, 2017.
His remarkable level of experience goes on to list being the regulator and supervisor at Reserve Bank of India for more than 34 years, including director of supervision at Bank of Mauritius.

Paliwal has exposure and in-depth knowledge related to foreign exchange, banking, currency, inspection, HRMD, financial inclusion, consumer education and protection, corporate governance and payment systems, all knowledge which will be put to great use in Enterslice's expanding work.
Enterslice is increasingly well known for their success in the area of helping manage financial service businesses, delivering a top-rated virtual CFO, giving guidance in cash-flow management, and overall startup services, that cover nearly every area of a startup from registration, to compliance, taxation, and far beyond.

The company has won a number of acclaimed awards both in India and Asia for their high-performance, and ethical conduct.

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