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You can now reschedule meetings with Alexa using voice

California [United States], May 24 :
 In its latest improvement to Alexa, Amazon has added the support for scheduling one-on-one meetings using voice commands.

The integration with and iCloud arrived last year, however, with the latest improvements, you will now be able to move or reschedule events using your voice, The Verge reported.

You can now instruct "Alexa, move my meeting" or "Alexa, move my meeting at 8AM to tomorrow at 10AM".

The one-on-one scheduling also works for setting up a calendar event as well. It will be able to pick the colleague or friend from your contacts, and suggest times based on the availability of you as well as the participant.

The new feature is available starting in the US, and compatible with Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and Exchange accounts.

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