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Baloch activists in London protest against atrocities of Pak Army in Balochistan

London [United Kingdom], June 25 :
The members of Baloch National Movement (BNM) staged a protest in London to demand justice for Baloch women and children, who are facing the wrath of Pakistan Army in Balochistan province of Pakistan.

The agitating protestors raised slogans against the Pakistan Army and strongly condemned the atrocities carried out by Army personnel against the Baloch women in Rakshan, Naag area of district Washuk.

Activists, Farhad Baloch and Farid Baloch (BNM Germany) echoed similar sentiments. They said they were very disappointed by the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Army on Baloch people. Your silence on the abduction of the male members of Baloch society resulted in thousands of abductions and killings. And now the Pakistani military has come to abduct and rape our women, just because there is no one to ask Pakistan, internationally, just because you don't have time to discuss it. They are sexually violent. This will be another Bangladesh for you to regret. Don't let this happen. We want you to be the voice of voiceless and save Baloch women from Pakistan, they added.

The protestors alleged that women in Rakshan were forcibly shifted to army camps, where they were sexually assaulted and tortured by military men, which also resulted in miscarriage of at least one pregnant woman.

Shraf Sherjan, Baloch Activist, who is currently in Germany said, "On 4th June, Pakistani Army carried out a military operation in Washuk area in Balochistan, where, several Baloch women and children were abducted. They took them under their custody and raped Baloch women. One pregnant woman was raped too. Pakistani Army is once again doing what they did in Bangladesh. In 1970s, Pakistani Army abducted thousands of Bengali women, took them under custody, raped them, tortured them and then killed them. Today they are doing the same, what ISIS was doing with innocent yazidi women. Pakistani Army is the second ISIS in uniform. We request the Human rights organisations, international media journalists to raise their voices and save Baloch women."

BNM has also launched a social media campaign #SaveBalochWomen and alleged that a number of Baloch women in Naag Washuk and other parts of Balochistan are kept in torture cells as sex slaves.

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