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Here's how to get best price for your used car

New Delhi [India] : While selling a used product, it is natural to expect the best price and maximum profit. And if the used product is a car, one wants the machine to fetch more money than just the junk price for spares.

Vikram Chopra, CEO, Cars24, listed down five easy ways to ensure that your faithful machine fetches you the maximum price while you wave it goodbye:

Service before, sell later: A routine service with a simple oil change and filter replacements will help your car run better. A newly-serviced car feels smoother, and drives better. Nobody minds spending an extra buck on a car that feels 'new'.

Paperwork pays rich dividends: Keep the documents such as registration certificate (RC), insurance papers, valid pollution certificate (PUC) in place along with copies of warranty on tyres, battery and other accessories. Also, make sure that you have the second car key.

Trusted inspection report helps: It is advised to have a copy of a trusted inspection report with you while trying to sell your used car. Being aware of your car's Unique Selling Points (USPs) and negative points helps one to negotiate better with a buyer. Do pay special attention to the engine, body paint and tyres as they are inspected on priority to ascertain the condition of the vehicle.

Avoid exchange offers: Exchange offers might not be the wisest of choices. You are likely to get a better price for your used car than to give it away under the seemingly appealing exchange offers. So keep the two transactions separate and push for a maximum discount.

Look beyond friends and family for better resale experience: While selling your car to a friend or relative might seem like the best choice given the comfort we share with them, sometimes it is not the best option. Comfort level often translates into unnecessary bargaining, delayed payments and document transfer along with the constant barrage of complaints even when the car resale is over. It is better to look for professional ways to sell a used car through evaluation and live auctioning which will guarantee minimum hassles and the best price.

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