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Death toll from bad weather rises to 20 in Sri Lanka

Colombo [Sri Lanka], May 27 :
Nearly 20 people have lost their lives and over 150,000 have been affected from the floods and landslides caused due to heavy rains in Sri Lanka.

Two people are missing and 10 others have been injured.

According to the Disaster Management Center (DMC) 153,712 persons belonging to 40,017 families have been affected due to the heavy pre-monsoon rains across Sri Lanka in 19 districts, as per Colombo Page.

Due to extreme weather conditions, 55,553 persons from 14,265 families have been displaced and moved to shelters in 265 safe locations.

In totality, 105 houses were fully destroyed and 4,708 houses have been partially damaged. 155 small and medium enterprises and 68 critical infrastructures have also been damaged.

Meanwhile, the government has allocated Rs. 33.8 million to provide relief to those affected and displaced by the floods and landslides.

The National Disaster Relief Services Center has also allocated Rs. 38.66. A household resettling advance of Rs. 10,000 for 16 Districts has been transferred by NDRSC totaling Rs. 35.28 million.
6000 army troops are ready to provide flood rescue and relief while the Navy has deployed 201 boats for flood rescue.

The Department of Meteorology forecasts more rain in the south-western part of the island.
The DMC said that red alerts issued to the districts will still be in effect.

The adverse weather conditions are prevailing in Sri Lanka for almost a week now.

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