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Traditional sports fading away, need to be promoted: PM Modi

New Delhi [India] May 27:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday stressed the importance of traditional games and urged youth to promote them as they are fading into oblivion.

Addressing the nation on the 44th edition of 'Mann Ki Baat', the Prime Minister said, "We must keep our traditional sports alive. It is crucial that today schools, neighborhoods and youth congregations should come forward and promote these games. Through crowd sourcing, we can create a very large archive of our traditional games."

Talking about the benefits of the same, he said that traditional games are structured in such a manner that along with physical ability, they enhance our logical thinking, concentration, alertness and energy levels.

"Games are not just games; they teach us values in life, such as setting targets, building up determination, developing team spirit and fostering mutual co-operation," said the Prime Minister.
He also said that there is no age-limit for participating in these games.

"At the same time, games also teach people about our culture and traditions. Many games also make us aware of our society, environment and other spheres," said Prime Minister Modi.

He further expressed concern over these sports and games, saying they will fade away to the point of extinction.

He said, "It will not just be a loss of a game; it will be the loss of the spirit of childhood."

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