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Ahead of Eid festivities, markets bustle

New Delhi (India), June 14 : With the holy month of Ramzan coming to an end, preparations for Eid-ul-Fitr are in full swing in the country.

People can be seen thronging the famous night bazaar in Hyderabad's Charminar ahead of Eid ul-Fitr as the shops have been granted permission by the Telangana government to all the shop vendors and others to remain open for 24 hours.

An elated shop vendor said, "We are able to do more business in this season because of the increase in demands among people and also because we are allowed to operate for 24 hours."

Thousands of people from various places can be seen visiting the Charminar to shop at the night bazaar, making the city gleam with the aura of festivity.

Shoppers said they are mesmerised by the festive atmosphere at the Charminar during Ramzan.
Even in Kashmir, the markets are bustling with customers ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, which will be celebrated June 15 or 16 over the world.

People can be found buying clothes, sweets, meat and so on at markets in Lal Chowk and other areas.
The bakery and sweet shops are also flooded with people.

One of the locals said, "Eid should be celebrated in a simple way. We must remember that the children of both the rich and the poor are celebrating Eid. There must be equality."

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