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India is neither imperialist nor expansionist, says Swaraj

Durban [South Africa], June 6 : External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said India is neither imperialist nor expansionist, adding that "India does not need even an inch of land or a drop of water from anyone."

During her visit to the Ramakrishna Center of Phoenix in Durban, Swaraj talked of protectionism as she said that it stands for "I am superiors and everything is for me" which as per her contradicts with the Indian tradition.

She said, "The Indian tradition is all about 'we'. We talk in sutra which stands for our work must for good and benefit for all."

Swaraj expressed her gratitude for opening the Ramakrishna Mission center which as per her "will not help to serve the cause of Ramakrishna but also of the entire humanity."

She said that the center would help to realize "that the Indian tradition and civilisation has the ability to solve issues including terrorism."

The root of terrorism is that my faith is superior to yours. Either follow my belief or I will uproot yours as well" Swaraj added.

While quoting a Sanskrit verse "sarve bhavantu sukhine" (May all see happiness), "sarve santu niramahya" (May All be Healthy (Free from Illness)), and Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu ( May All See what is Auspicious), Swaraj said that such a nation could never stand for protectionism. ''
Swaraj then highlighted the significance of Ramakrishna in the modern lives.

She reiterated the words of Mahatma Gandhi that, "Nature has an abundance to fulfill your need but not your greed. Only take that much what you need. If you become selfish and start destroying the nature, then nature will destroy you."

On this note, Swaraj gave an example of the natural calamities including hurricanes, cyclones, earthquake which is a form of nature's attack on humans.

While talking of another virtue associated with Mahatma Gandhi, Swaraj said that "There is only one truth but the people worship it in different forms. Some call it Christ, some Allah, Guru or Ishwar. We believe what is the truth. We believe truth is one and then there is no dispute at all."

Mahatma Gandhi who is called as the Father of Nation due to his contribution towards helping India achieve independence had gained his Law degree from South Africa and had spent a large amount of time there fighting apartheid.

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