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JuD criticises Pakistani politicians for seeking aid from West

Rawalpindi [Pakistan], Jun 06: The Jamaat-ud-Dawa has criticized the politicians while calling them as `beggars' during a Friday sermon in Rawalpindi city.

JuD's Amir, Maulana Abdul Rahman, called Pakistani politicians as a threat to Islam as they go to foreign countries seeking aid.

He said, "Those (rulers) which go to foreign countries for seeking aid are not welcomed in Islam".
JuD is a religious wing of Lashkar-e-Taiba terror outfit headed by Hafiz Mohammed Saeed. It has recently formed Milli Muslim League, an Islamist political party to fight elections in the country this year.

The JuD Amir criticised Pakistani rulers begging before America and bowing their heads in front of infidels. He said, "The Muslims have only one God and no Muslim can go and seek help from any other person particularly President Trump. Pakistanis cannot be a slave to others".

"Our rulers followed policies formulated in the West to end laws like Blasphemy and `Khatm-e-Nabuwat' in order to declare Pakistan a secular state by amending pro-Islam articles of the constitution", said Maulana Abdul Rahman while adding that these confidential conspiracies could not succeed.

He seeks the donation from the public to run an organization. "Pakistan is under severe threat. The enemies of `Allah' have surrounded the country. The JuD needs money to get ready to face any unforeseen circumstances".

Opposing any bilateral ties of Pakistan with the West and India, the JuD Amir said, "Rulers are busy praying Americans and leaders in Tal Aviv and New Delhi. They are very friendly with them and pray those, who pray millions of Gods. They have forgotten `Towheed' (Oneness of Allah) and so are being punished like rolling stones."

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