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Now Sushant Singh Rajput owns a piece of moon

New Delhi, [India] June 28 : Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has become the second man in Bollywood to now own a property on the Moon.

The first man to own from Bollywood was Shah Rukh Khan.

The 'Shuddh Desi Romance' star who is an ardent lover of everything science and geeky, has just bought land on the far side of the moon, in a region called the Mare Muscoviense, or the "Sea of Muscovy".

The property he bought is located on the blind side which is known as "dark side of the moon".
The "Sea of Muscovy" is shaped in the same manner as India appears on the map, in the exact same place if the surface of the Earth were to be replicated on the moon.

Speaking about his lunar property he said " I would like to believe that the different ways we answer questions 'are' the answers to those questions. So the variations in the way we punctuate the narratives; the nuance, would create the different versions of reality in future."

"My mother used to tell me that my life will be the story that I will tell myself. I am just punctuating a nuance right now and already am, over the moon!" the ecstatic actor added.

The star is an ardent lover of topics ranging from science, technology, space exploration, mindfulness to continental philosophy.

Moreover, Sushant is going to star in a space film for he has undergone a gruelling training camp at NASA involving neutral buoyancy, spacewalk drills, moonwalks, and zero gravity.

Adding on to his geek quotient, he happens to own one of the world's most advanced civilian telescopes- the Meade 14" LX600-through which he takes a closer look at the heavenly bodies.
He has also decided to enable another 100 kids this year to visit the US Space & Rocket Centre.
Now, it is evident that in order to quench his thirst for scientific knowledge he only did justice by buying a property on Moon.

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