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Delhi CM seeks PM`s intervention in CCTV project issue

New Delhi, [India] May 11 :                          Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a letter has requested a meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday seeking his intervention in execution of the Delhi government's CCTV project, two days after Lt Governor Anil Baijal formed a committee to prepare a framework for it.

In his letter, he mentioned that the Governor had formed a committee for this issue and questioned its purpose.

"A committee was formed by the Lieutenant governor. When everything was done, the cameras were about to be installed, the citizens too were waiting for it, then why was a committee formed? What is the purpose of the committee?" wrote Kejriwal in the letter.

He further mentioned that the work on installing the CCTV was started and the people had started to welcome this initiative.

"Keeping in mind the safety of women the Delhi government started the work in regard to the installation of the CCTV. The citizens of Delhi welcomed this move. Especially, women were happy thinking that because the CCTV is being installed the female members of their family would feel safe," mentioned Kejriwal.

Kejriwal wrote that the committee had been formed to "stall" the CCTV project, claiming that the LG was doing "politics" over the issue.

Labelling it as a political issue he asked the Prime Minister to look into this matter as soon as possible.

"You (Prime Minister) had said in London that women's safety shouldn't be politicised," added Kejriwal.

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