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PML-F leader raises shoe at Sindh assembly deputy speaker

Islamabad [Pakistan], May 20 :
Sindh assembly in Pakistan broke into a commotion as a Member of Parliament assembly from Pakistan Muslim League-Functional
(PML-F) raised a shoe at deputy speaker Shehla Raza.

As reported by the Geo News on Saturday, MPA Seher Abbasi raised a shoe at deputy speaker Shehla Raza following an argument among opposition parties over components of the state budget.
Abbasi took off her shoe and showed it to speaker Raza after a provincial minister Mumtaz Jakhrani passed a comment on her.

Following the incident, Raza asked her to immediately leave the premises.

Raza said, "Abbasi has issues and she has proven that she is not worthy of sitting in this assembly."
She further said that the act is a crime and not a mistake as she termed it to be a drama.

She further criticised female MPA's of ruling Pakistan People's Party for not speaking against such actions.

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