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Five platforms to serve your nostalgia this summer!

New Delhi [India], June 23 : Summer vacations, that part of the year which takes us all back in time to the childhood days and leaves us wanting more. Nostalgia is in the air again, and we have reasons to tell you why! Listing down five platforms bringing something for everyone, so get ready to jump down a trip to the memory lane.

Comic Con India Fandom Month

Remember your childhood comics? All those awe-inspiring characters and all the fun you had reading and imitating them? Well, comic fans are going gaga over a four week long, Comic Con India Fandom month (1st June-30th June) which is allowing free access to range of comics by a variety of Indian artists. Happening right now, with this ComiCon India Fandom month, you can dive right into the fun, returning to your favorite characters once again and even stand a chance to win comic books and other cool prizes in the contests in the process.

Malgudi Days on Amazon Prime

If you're a 90s child, you definitely remember the good old town of Malgudi where Swami and his friends spent their summers. We all grew up with the amazing TV series and novel by the eminent writer R K Lakshman and now Amazon Prime is bringing it back to you on their platform. So now you know what to binge watch this summer!

Paper Boat - Bringing back old taste

Before air conditioning systems made our summer days bearable, everyone braved through the sun with the support of those Aam Pannas and Nimbu Paani our nanis and dadis used to make, providing some respite from those afternoons of Cricket and Hide and Seek. Well, can't bring those days back, but Paper Boat is ready to make you experience that taste again with their range of flavorful drinks like, Aamras, Aampanna, jaljeera, thandai etc.

Taste the Nostalgia with Salebhai

These burgers and fries just don't have it in them to make us feel content like we used to. Evenings were incomplete without munching on home or locally made mathri, khakra, namkeen etc and sweets like gulab jamun and barfi, right? But we just can't seem to find those local and traditional varieties in these big cities. Salebhai, an ecommerce platform for regional goods & delicacies is here to solve your problem this summer. With their wide range of products, you're sure to find something or the other from your childhood too.

Clay Pot making classes

You must remember those extra hobby classes during summer vacations or weekly society meets. The ones your parents and teachers always made you attend. It was only after we left school that we realized how enjoyable and relaxing they were. Now you don't need to reminisce about that carefree environment again, as you can attend such hobby classes near you. The Clay Company is organizing classes for everyone this summer where you can learn the engulfing art and craft of molding clay.

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